The MSF Basic RiderCourse (BRC) is a course which takes a novice rider, or one who has not ridden in quite some time, from motorcycle familiarization to some advanced riding techniques in just two days.

The BRC is mandatory for anyone applying for a class M license in Texas. 

AGE Requirements:  15 yrs old, a permit to operate an automobile and parent’s permission.

Tuition:  $200.00

MSF Advanced RiderCourse (ARC):  This course is designed for the licensed rider, no matter what the experience level.  Advanced maneuvering, cornering and handling techniques are some of the skills taught and reinforced in this class.  The ERC is taken on the student’s own motorcycle, and passengers are allowed.  If a person rides with a passenger, they should consider taking the course with one on the bike.

Tuition:  $125.00

TEXAS HELMET LAW:  YES, TEXAS HAS A MANDATORY HELMET LAW;  Although it is highly recommended for anyone riding a motorcycle to wear a DOT approved helmet, the completion of an approved safety course (and being 21 or over) qualifies an individual for exemption to the law.

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