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In order to provide our customers with the most recent MSF training materials, we will be switching to the updated BRC curriculum. You will be required to complete the MSF Basic eCourse prior (within 30 days) to your scheduled class date. The eCourse takes approximately 3 hours to complete. You will need to bring your eCourse completion certificate (electronic copies accepted) with you on the first day of class. If you do not bring the certificate with you, you will not be permitted to take the class. Refunds will not be issued if you arrive without your certificate

DO NOT pay for the MSFBasic eCourse. You will receive an email with a coupon code for the eCourse.

Congratulations!  You have found the web page for Abilene Safety Instruction, the ONLY motorcycle Training in Taylor County!

We offer certified riding and safety training for the novice as well as the experienced motorcycle rider.

To attend the Basic RiderCourse (licensing requirement):
Participants UNDER 25 years of age MUST have either a learner's permit or a license to operate a motor vehicle, per Texas State Law!  Also, any participant under 18 years of age must have a parent or legal guardian sign their paperwork the first day of class, or make arrangements to sign it prior to class.

Completion of the Basic RiderCourse (BRC) or the Advanced RiderCourse (ARC) will earn you big discounts on your motorcycle insurance.  Other benefits:  Completion of the BRC will waive the driver’s test for a motorcycle endorsement, either course qualifies the graduate for the Texas helmet law exemption (although helmet usage is highly recommended anytime on a motorcycle….. It’s all about staying alive!), and the courses can be used for ticket dismissal.

This is THE driving school for motorcyclists.  Come learn to ride on our bikes.

Call 325-672-3484 or click the link above to schedule a class.

Seats fill quickly, so enroll early for your class!

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